Explorers were sent to the New World not to build a political empire, but 
to find a faster route to India. It was hoped, briefly, that the Delaware 
River would be a shortcut to China. It wasn’t.

To many of our ancestors the river was directly connected to their everyday
life. Currently folks probably feel little or no connection to the river yet each
day the Delaware supplies water to 20 million people in New York and Philadelphia.

Some of us are passionate about the river for what it gives and for what it holds.
This project is in part a celebration and a tribute to the river system for the life it gives us.

We need to once again embrace the life sustaining forces that the Delaware River
provides to us and strive to preserve and nurture this precious natural resource.
The project seeks the support of those who are willing to join the celebration
with either their time, thoughts, imagination or financial contribution.


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