Posted by: iriv | March 2, 2009

Exploring the Perspectives

From primordial beginnings of a nameless watercourse to the activities of our
ancestors and the discovery by a western European explorer 400 years ago the
Delaware river has continued to flow to the ocean.

With historical minds we recall activities along the river of ancients and relative
new-comers. From those historical examples we have lessons for today.

Through the artists senses we understand patterns of experiences and have
aesthetic enjoyment. Through artistic interpretation of the River, we can look
beyond our normal boundaries and offer unique insights about the world around us.

Science shows us methods of preservation and sustainability and these approaches
affect our river of tomorrow and how life and imagination will spring from it.

Recreation enables us to pause just long enough to let the world around us
speak of things other than ourselves. One can contemplate this whether it be
kayaking, fishing, walking a stream or gazing at rapids. The river offers us
opportunities to let the ordinary become magical, sublime; even sacred.